We heard many stories which illustrate their resilience and their incredible capacity for forgiveness. This is one of those stories:

One of the Eritrean doctors interviewed in "White Hotel" had been a prisoner of war for four years. Dr. Ephram was tortured. His torturer slashed his shins and forearms with a serrated knife. They electrocuted him. His torturer beat the soles of his feet until the skin split open, and then forced him to stand up straight. When he fell down, they kicked his teeth out. After the war was over, Dr. Ephram searched for his torturer and found him in a work camp. He asked him, " Do you remember me?" His torturer said, "Yes." "Do you remember what you did to me?" His torturer answered, "Yes." And then, Dr. Ephram gave his torturer a bag of oranges, and told him that he forgave him.